As you may know, the MetroCard is the payment method for the New York Subway. It's not only for tube, but also for MTA buses, PATH trains, AirTrain JFK, and so on. You can use it for almost any kinds of transportation system in New York, the empire state. So it's a mandatory card for anyone in New York City and also it's a iconic card that reflects the city. I created this artwork for the MetroCard artwork project Creative Technologist Dofl launched to give a life to the static card design.
"The MetroCard is the payment method for the New York City SubwayNew York City Transit buses, including routes operated by Atlantic Express under contract to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), MTA Bus, and Nassau Inter-County Express systems (NICE); PATH; the Roosevelt Island TramwayAirTrain JFK; and Westchester County's Bee-Line Bus System. It is a thin, plastic card on which the customer electronically loads fares." - Wikipedia
All blobs stand for all transportations and buildings in New York city. I tried to express that New York City is very active and dynamic city with all kinds of elements such as buildings, buses, subway trains, people, signs, even steam pipes. They are connected each other very organic way. I drew them in black and white comic book style.

Graphics in motion​​​​​​​

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