Physical Work

New Media Art, Installation, Printing Design, Filming, Film Directing, Stage Design, Sound Design, Performance, VJ, Poster, Flyer, Book, Name Card, Banner, Album Design, etc.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Audio Visual, Live performance
The Interpreter - THEO
Rain of Joy: Rain, Star, Wind
The Interpreter
Rain of Joy : Tribeca, New York
Tri D
New Media Art
New Media Art
The Breeze at Pudong Airport Proposal
Art Installation Proposal
LamX for SK Telecom 0
New Media Art
Motion/Stage Design & Performance
Stage Design, Motion Graphics, Interactive Art, VJ
EJ Park Album
Album Design, Photography
LamX HIDA Edition
New Media Art
LG V30 Commercial Ad
Film Directing, New Media Art, Video Production
Brand Identity, Media Art, Graphic Design
YIN 烎 Music & Art Festival
New Media Art, Performance
LamX #7
New Media Art
LamX at City Hall
Interactive Media Art
Before The Show
New Media Art, Performance
FCPX Book Cover
Book Cover Design, Printing Design
Rain Of Joy : Title & Poster
Poster / Flyer Design
LamX Playce Edition
New Media Art
Wooden Pixel Display 64
New Media Art
S.Dental Booklet
Brochure Design
LamX #6
New Media Art
New Media Art
The Breeze
New Media Art
New Media Art
Rain of Joy - Media art exhibition
New Media Art, Performance
New Media Art, Performance
Interactive Board
New Media Art
Xound Ripples
New Media Art, Performance
Personal project. There are two final work. One is a print on canvas. Another one is interactive installation. Camera reads every pixel of you and re-assemble it to create new object which is called Yarnship.
Xou Painting Live - Demo
Music Visualizer with a painting-like live video.
Interactive Board
Calli Drawing
Media Art
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