This project was created for the newly launched Momentica NFT service, which offers digital collectibles.
I produced unique motion graphics for each artist's transition videos, incorporating their team logos. Additionally, I created template motion graphics using 3D modeling and rendering. Access to my videos requires the purchase of a collectible NFT card. Please note that all images on this page were captured from videos since they are not available to the public domain.
All logos, names, and pictures are copyrighted by Momentica. All collage pictures are copyrighted by VEAM Interactive.
MOMENTICA is a flagship platform for fan-artist engagement built on innovative and sustainable technology, launched by LEVVELS. MOMENTICA takes its inspiration from K-Pop fandom, which boasts a thriving photo card collection community and culture. MOMENTICA is an extension of this culture into the digital space in the form of TAKE™️, unique digital cards celebrating a variety of beloved artists that fans can collect.
MOMENTICA is a platform where you can find and collect TAKE™—a digital collectible that captures every inspiring moment of your favorite artists.



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