[ Seunghan Sung x Han Lee ]
C:Sound is an experimental collaboration work with a cellist Seunghan Sung and the show had been performed during World Script Symposia 2014 at Sejong Center in Seoul. Audience enjoyed experiencing several things together such as music, physical computing, synchronized visuals with the music and latin scripts fly across them.
There was a bonus interactive art on the backdrop, which had been develped from the interactive board basically. That kept presenting a showtime when there was a coming concert soon. I tried to make it like a ink blob because the work was a part of World Script Symposia 2014 event.
World Script Symposia 2014
2014.10.24 - 11.2
About C:Sound performance
Cello Performed by Seunghan Sung - www.miredosi.com
Physical Computing and Interactive Art by Han Lee - www.hanlee.com
Guest Cellists_ MenCelli
About The Showcase Video above
Filmed by Han Lee, Youngmin Choi
Edited by Han Lee

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