iORGEL app for iPad/iPhone

Reminisce about your old memories! iORGEL is a digitally-reinvented music box for iPad and iPhone. Simply wind up the key and enjoy the beautiful songs. You can also create a new song and share it with the rest of the world.

My role : Creative Director(+AD), Design, Initial Idea and ideation, Creating video(shoot, edit...), Composing
This is own product and service of allm Interactive where I worked before and I designed it with much love in 2010. I really love a music box (gears, mechanism, sounds, all of a music box) so I started to develop my ideas for this music box. I just wanted to create something unique app never shown before in the app store and I love.

This app has been featured on many sites, books and magazines.
Taschen also included this project with my designs in their recent book 'The App & Mobile Case Study Book'.

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