Han Lee is a media artist, an interactive designer, and also a music composer, a performer, a motion graphic designer and a creative director. He creates mechanical structures with programmed electronic circuits using physical computing or generative art. He believes nothing in this world is immobile but constantly moving. He tries to imitate God’s amazing creation by making his artworks come alive and interact with you.
His work is often composed of rain sounds and visual effects or he uses analog emotions to fill a space. His overall goal is for the audience to interact and carry a dialogue with his work. And this points to one thing, “immersion. ”
Rain to him symbolizes the power of life that comes alive by its movement. Rain makes you take a break and helps you to look around. It also brings back the memories of happy moments. He often fills a room with the rain and calls it a “Rain Room."
In the Rain Room, you can find a delightful playground. There is no rule to play in the room. You can shout, clap, jump, past through like a wind, and dance. Whatever you do, the Rain Room will listen to you and watch you with delight. Rain of Joy will be a playground and tears of joy to the audience.

This was my solo exhibition at SIA Chelsea gallery in New York City. There was a successful opening and an encore performance on Thursday, Sept 24th from 7pm - 9pm. Show time was on 7:30pm and 8:30pm.
The exhibition "Rain of Joy" ran through Sept 26th, 2015.
Tue, Wed 11am-6pm / Thu 11am-9pm / Sat 12am-4pm

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