Prototypes with openFrameworks . Kinect motion sensor . projector
Fun time with my kids. They, I mean all kids are always amazing. They make all things fun.
- Music 'Run To The Dream' : Han Lee :
- Music 'The Truth' : Han Lee :
[ Dec 2012 - Feb 2013 ]
This personal project was actually to make a fun interactive message board. Basically it can be a news board or a score board or a clock. I used Processing at the beginning but it was a bit slow so I moved on openFrameworks.
I did a few field tests at somewhere around home and also in New York city to check if it is really fun and it will work well in real world. Whenever I test out this interactive board, I asked to my kids to do something they want. I just wanted to watch how children play with this little interactive stuff. After I saw how my kids are playing, it reminded me that kids can make anything fun even from pretty boring thing with their own unexpected creativity.

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